Thursday, May 19, 2016

KaiKini on the Runway for Kauai Fashion Week 2016

Invited back to Kauai Fashion Week for the second year in row, we showed off our Journey In Paradise Collection. The girls looked gorgeous in jewel tones and rocked the runway! 

Photos by Keith Ketchum

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Damn Girl! What's your secret?

Seems like trendy health conscious people (and all of Hollywood) have about four answers when you ask them about their fitness life:

“I exercise non-stop and eat air yet claim to have this fantastic bod by walking my dog”- type. (Why you gotta lie?)

The “I have 17 trainers and a personal chef and I'm paid millions to tend to my body, so of course I look good” - type. (That's no fair!)

Or the “I just have a really good metabolism I guess”- type. (Lucky!)

Lastly, “I have so much money Im gonna change myself into anything I want” -type. (No comment)

So when we encountered Allison, let us just tell you how psyched we were for an emerging “Im doing my best, and have dedication- and this is how I look, which is pretty darn good, thank you!” type. (Go girl!)

You may know Alison Furder from her partnership and friendship with us at Kaikini, as a Kauai known and based model, or from your own personal relationship in the community- however you know her, you know one thing- she has the body of a goddess. (yes, even with a baby on the way!) And no, not just a genetically gifted goddess, but a hard working, and dedicated one as well. When we got the opportunity to interview the Kauai fitness queen, I jumped at the chance. 

Check out a few candid questions she answered when we basically asked the question…what do you do?? and how do you do it??

Q: We love that you have a healthy attitude about your body- it shows! What is your secret?
A: It’s proven, we are a product of our environment! Surround yourself with people from all aspects that support all interests. You want to get your life together, it starts with you and how you want to see yourself, how you want to feel when you wake up, how you want to be at work, in your relationships, and with your loved ones.

Q: What is the number one mistake you see people making while trying to get fit?
A: Following trends. Crash dieting, trendy short lived diets, and expecting instant weight loss and unrealistic results.

Q: What is your regular fitness routine?
A: I like to switch up timing and workouts. Its a mix between high intensity cross fit, and circuit training (1 hour) ex: 3 minutes of squats (as she demonstrates the best squats we’ve ever seen). I also have off days, days when I give my body a rest and do something more natural like swimming or surfing. 

Q: Well, a girls gotta eat! What do you consume before a workout?
A: Protein shake. Non gmo, vegan, fresh flax milk. Make sure you are eating or drinking something with high protein, and lots of nutrients and minerals. When all else fails, fresh fruit. Other options are dates, prunes, figs, and hard boiled eggs packed calcium.

Q: What is your favorite meal?
A: I love breakfast. I’m always up early. I like to make hot cereal- with pumpkin seeds, blue berries, banana, honey, and coconut.

Q: What is your food philosophy, and what does it mean?
A: Always listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs! After I got out of surgery- I cut out dairy because I needed to lower inflammation. I wasn’t exercising as much and needed more energy so I cut out red meat. If you are thirsty- you are already dehydrated! Your body is yours! Listen to it!

Q: Everyone always seems so busy, and it’s tempting to eat badly when you are sleep deprived, busy, or hungry. How do you keep healthy? 
A: I don’t punish myself when my body has a craving. I don’t spoil it either. Moderation is the best health regime. If I’m craving sweets I eat some dark chocolate. I mean, its chocolate! It also contains a bunch of anti oxidants that are good for your blood and immune system. Sometimes I  pair it with some organic fruit that is packed with sugar. If that’s not enough I top it with some ice-cream and then go for a walk after to digest. 

Q: How do you motivate yourself to exercise when your tired? 
A: Its harder said then done to wake up every morning and get in a habit of exercising and nutrition. Finding a good structured team and routine, like a scheduled a class, (Mon, Wed, Fri) will get you out of your house with a nice change of scenery. These classes also help you build friendships with people that are on the same level as you physically. I have made such great friendships with the people I stay active with- they alone increase my energy!

Q: What would you say is your healthiest habit?
A: Hydrating!! I rarely drink anything but water. Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring! Mix in some chia seeds, honey (natural anti fungal bacteria), or fresh lemon to help keep your immune system up. 

Q: You really only drink water? 
A: I stopped drinking a lot of alcohol, because I didn’t want to feel foggy or bad every morning. Instead I treat myself with glass of wine at night or some fresh squeezed juice. Replace your old habit with something newer and healthier, and you will soon be happier!

Q: How do you work out when you are on the road or have had a long day? 
A: Stretch, just to let the stress out and the air in. You’ve got to find time for self love. Go for a walk, listen to some music, take a bath with some epsom salt, or just go to bed early. 

Q: What is the secret to making good for you changes stick?
A: They can’t just be temporary. They have to be LIFE changes. If you are unable to make it to workout class, run around the block. Never miss a day. Do squats while washing the dishes. Know your body, and treat it with respect of a routine.

Q: What is your favorite Kaikini style?
A: All of them? Lol. If I had to choose, the Hina. It offers a little more coverage and sits better on the touché. 

Q: What attracts you to Kaikini?  
A: Their image! Their amazing swimsuits. They have been such good friends, and a great business to work with. 

Well, we love you too Allison! As we as women, as gravity pushes, and as the aging process kicks in, we are inspired by Allison's dedication, research, kindness, beauty, and amazing life choices. 

(Writers note: During this interview, we had JUST found out she was pregnant! Since then she continues with her heath and workout routine with even more determination and dedication. Allison, you are glowing!!!)

by Kona Kai Wilson

Monday, August 17, 2015

Bombshells (Calling Big Boobs)

Bathing suit shopping is about SO much more then picking what your eye is drawn to.  

If you are even close to normal, you know the struggle of trying to work with what you’ve got when bikini shopping. Whether sitting with your measuring tape trying to guess what would fit online, or sneakily trying to mix match an XL top with a M bottom in the dressing room (we all do it) finding the right support, comfort, and style in a bathing suit is SO much easier said (and pictured) then done. 

For me, my hips are much smaller then my bust. For others, the opposite, and every combination in-between. Women come in all shapes and sizes and rarely fit in a conventional S/M/L. It’s categorizing and we aren’t about it! 

This post was created, because we normally advertise smaller suits, on smaller girls. Our signature style is the “Kai” cheeky bottom with the scrunch butt, and our models are usually athletic with smaller chests. But when navigating the salty (or chlorinated) waters of swimwear for top-heavy girls, it can be tricky and we understand! And after asking for feedback, paying attention to sales, and observing the lack of support in the swim suit industry for large busted girls- we can only imagine how tiring of a process it would be when working with D+ size boobs. 

What we don’t advertise as much, and what we DO offer are tops for larger breast sizes, with sizes that go up to XXXL! Whether hitting the surf, paddle boarding, or reading a book by the pool, we want your ladies to have as much support and comfort as a regular bra. 

Featured below are Kaikini’s three styles of plus sized tops, what they offer, and how they fit. We sell all of our suits separately, so you can mix and match bottoms with top sizes to get the perfect suit to fit your perfect proportion. These tops are offered in all sizes ranging from A cup to 34E.

Problem: Conventionally sized triangle bikini tops DON’T FIT.
Solution: The Sport Top

  • Fashioned after the classic sports bra, perfect for activities, doesn’t move around 
  • Simple silhouette leaves simple tan line.
  • Beaded cross back, ties in back, allows for tightening/loosening
  • Still offers cleavage, scoop neck
  • Offered in size Acup thru 34E

Problem: Flimsy straps offer no support
Solution: Ekolu top/ Adjustable Ekolu Top

  • Seamless front straps provide extra support with comfort
  • Six string keyhole back, adds style and allows for stretch 
  • Offered in sizes Acup thru 34E
  • Large elastic bottom band for added support
  • No ties (good for yoga, or sleeping in!)
  • Keep pressure off neck and allow for a little less coverage in front
  • Adjustable version is allows for custom fit

Problem:  Bikini tops tie at the neck and give me migraines
Solution: Pin Up Top

  • Offers cross tie back for adjusted comfort
  • Thick strips prevent digging into shoulders
  • Looks like halter from front, but cross tied in back to lift pressure off shoulders
  • Shapes cleavage in middle scrunch for minimal coverage and added style
  • Offered in sizes Acup thru 34E

Friday, July 24, 2015

TGIF! Cover Story

For the Kaikini girls, we actually celebrated Friday this past Monday- for Honolulu’s TGIF Cover Story!

When Taryn got the call, we were excited! We have gorgeous models, and many pictures of girls in bikinis, this would be a success! And then we got the news… the cover story would be about the girls that MAKE the bikinis (us), IN the bikinis *heavy breathing*. With blank stares we nervously looked around at each other, and then down at our lunch.

The story line for the article would be about REAL girls, making REAL bikinis with REAL “bikini bodies”. We were real of course- real enough to talk about the bachelorette, jam out to playlists of guilty pleasures, and real enough to order multiple Crunch Wrap Supremes from Taco Bell. But we also considered ourselves real enough be camera shy, self conscious, and most definitely unwilling to do a bikini photo-shoot.

And so the countdown started... Questions and suggestions came flying out on ways to slim down and tone up fast- Juice cleanse? Tea detox? Starvation? Yes, as real girls- we considered all options.

As the days rolled on and we got closer to our shoot we realized there was only one REAL and logical solution – we would get our makeup done, drink some champagne, take a shot or two, and then treat ourselves to a REAL and amazing pasta dinner after.

And that is exactly what we did.

Make up (by Jessica) arrived at noon, and through out the day we took turns rotating on the hair and makeup chair while getting glammed up- researching group shots, what bikini’s we would wear- and as we did this we laughed, danced, and started to realize that everything we weren’t- made us everything we were. We were the force behind the bikinis! Our positivity and energy is directed completely into the products that we make, and if we made them with self-consciousness, then it would defeat the brand as a whole.

Keith Ketchum (photographer) came in around 5:15, and after some drinks we headed to the beach.  

Our over preparedness was compensated by letting go and going with the flow at the end. Our day wasn’t wasted on insecurity and worrying about what others would think about us, but instead it bubbled with champagne and excitement about our accomplishments and how much fun we were having playing in the water with good friends.

Needless to say, the pictures turned out great. Check back to see the final picture selected with our cover story article, but until then check out some of these outtakes of these amazing and REAL Kaikini Wahines.

Picture Credit: Keith Ketchum

So in conclusion: what does “bikini body” even mean? We quickly figured out that if you’re physically able to put on a bathing suit, you’re bikini ready. Un-starved, NOT airbrushed, and a little tipsy.

What we would like to do at Kaikini is to create a product and environment to be worn by fun, happy, and REAL women.

Just remember- we are all beach and bathing suit ready- just as we are, and destined for great pictures.

Aloha, Kaikini Wahines

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Splashin' Fashion 4th of July Pool Party

Nothing marks the middle of summer like a good old fashion pool party! Poipu Athletic club and some amazing people put on one epic 4th of July Pool party for the island of Kauai! Equipped with waterslides, great food, mixed drinks, amazing music, a KaiKini Bikini fashion show, good vibes and positive energy - we danced and laughed all the way till sunset! Although America is kind of weird sometimes, we are so grateful and thankful to have freedom to party in a bikini all day!

Of corse, America's greatness didn't happen over night, and neither did this amazing event. We would like to thank all the sponsors, Kalei Marston, Valerie Rubio, the models, the amazing hair and makeup team (Jaime, Jessica and Alana), and all who contributed time and energy to this event.

Check out some pictures taken by photographer Dan Campbell-lloyd of the 1st Annual Kauai 4th of July Pool Party, and the Splashin Fashion KaiKini Bikini Show!